What exactly is going on here?

We’re hosting an epic tubing competition and an amazing winter carnival to raise money to renovate the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital’s Great Expansion and new CT Scanner!

Can I participate in the tubing competition?

Yes, but you need a team of five first.  Four tubers and a General Manager.

What does the GM do?

Not sure, really, inspirational speech giver, cheerleader, you tell us.

How much money do we need to raise?

Each team is required to raise $1,000 to participate.  You’ll get a link to an online fundraising page after you sign up and most donations are tax deductible.

What’s this event about again?

We are hosting an international caliber, no skills necessary, rigidly unserious (with the big exception of safety) winter sporting competition open to families, friends, and businesses throughout Elgin County and beyond.

And how do I raise money?

Ask your family and friends to sponsor your team as you participate in the 2017 World Tubing Championships.  Do it online and send a donation page to your closest contacts as you pursue possible worldwide sporting dominance in our first-time ever event.

How many teams?

We can accommodate as many as 60 teams.  Nearly 25% of the spots are already taken.

Are you serious?

Very.  Fill out the Get Started Form, Get Fundraising, and we’ll see you Family Day Weekend at the McCaig Family International Tubing Park in St. Thomas, Ontario.

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